Which mobile user are you?

With 56.5 million mobile users and 79.14 million active mobile devices, there’s no denying that the United Kingdom is a mobile-first society. As Valentine’s Day has just passed, it made us wonder: just how much do we love our mobile phones?

SMS is fast becoming the main communicator for brands and, particularly with new GDPR regulations stating businesses will need to provide clear outlines for what messages users wish to opt-in to, this means that more thought must be put into the frequency and volume of business texts sent. Luckily, our own research has identified five distinct categories of UK mobile user and their feelings towards receiving business communications: text addicts, text drivers, regular texters, casual texters and no texts please we’re British (thank you, we’re pretty proud of that one). The type of user demographic must influence the type of SMS campaign you wish to run…

Text Addicts

These are mobile users that want to receive constant messages from their favourite brands and businesses, once a week or more. On average, these users account for 7% of the opt-in universe per sector. Text addicts are the most engaged and tuned in to brands and their communications – which comes with its advantages and drawbacks. Although the most welcoming to receiving business messages, Text Addicts will be more aware of positioning and offers. They are savvy and will only take advantage of the best deals that brands have to offer, and will expect more from businesses in terms of sophistication of communications (for example, the ability to amend or confirm bookings or deliveries reminders via SMS), making them an ideal demographic for mobile tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards and surveys.

Text Drivers

Text Drivers are mobile users that wish to receive branded communications more than once a month but are not quite as receptive as Text Addicts (accounting for 10% of the opt-in universe). Those who identify as Text Drivers do so because although interested in receiving the latest relevant communications, they are more wary of the amount of information they wish to receive. If your customers are Text Drivers, you must ensure that your communications are nothing but relevant and personalised – who knows, your timely and relevant messages could persuade them to become Text Addicts!

Regular Texters

These are mobile users that are regular SMS users and would welcome a communication once a month. For Regular Texter customers, be sure to include as much information in your monthly communication, but keep it concise. Ideal communications for Regular Texters include roundups of previously bought items which might be offers, or suggestions for future events, purchases or services based on past interests.

Casual Texters

Casual Texters pose an interesting demographic: users who wish to hear from businesses via SMS no more than four times a year at the most. Making up 22% of the opt-in universe, Casual Texters are not interested in hearing from brands with every single offer, deal or update – but would rather hear about the major upcoming events and news from your business. When targeting the Casual Texter, planning and foresight is key: with only a few messages per year, communications must include vital information, such as upcoming policy updates or yearly events, only.

No Texts Please We’re British

This one’s not quite as clear-cut as the others. The research reveals that 70% of mobile users have now opted in, leaving just under a third of the mobile population not wanting to receive SMS communications from brands or businesses. This means that of the 44% of the mobile users that “do not want to hear from these businesses”, one-third of these users would welcome a relevant text from businesses. How do you target the Texters who don’t want to receive texts? Only time will tell – as the world turns more mobile-dependent, we have no doubt that more and more cautious customers will be willing to opt-in to business communications and be converted for life.

It’s clear that we are a nation of phone lovers, and the vast majority are eager to hear from their preferred brands. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about your SMS demographic and how you can best target your campaigns to your customers.

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