Find out how SMS can deliver when only the latest odds will do

In the evolving world of online gaming, SMS is creating big wins for retailers throughout the industry.

With the evolution of Pokémon Go and a similar Harry Potter release promised, the way we game and interact with each other using our mobile phones is ever evolving, leading to an exponential rise in online gaming and gambling.  An astounding number of consumers are using online services with more than £1.22bn spent through digital and online gaming channels in 2016. Additionally, 28.87m active accounts across online casinos, bingo and betting operators were recorded in the industry’s biggest ever year.

The evolution of online gaming

There is a growing opportunity for all online gaming retailers to capitalise on the rapid growth of mobile usage. Our recent white paper revealed that there were more than 79 million active mobile devices in the UK at the end of 2016 alone and with users spending on average 5 hours a day on their phones, the marketing and communication opportunities are abundant.

In 2016 online gambling accounted for 33% of all gambling in Britain, a figure that is only set to grow. Similarly, 47% of UK smartphone owners use apps on their phones to play online games.

As the convenience and speed of mobile-friendly online multiplayer games and gambling sites continuing to transform the industry, it’s more important than ever for retailers to ensure they are using this key channel effectively.

Enhancing customer experience

One of the simplest ways to make more of the growing mobile market is to offer opted-in users the latest odds, updates and even betting confirmations quickly, to promote real-time interactions and purchases across online gambling. SMS is the only channel to offer 98% read and delivery rates, with 90% of messages being read within the first three minutes of being received, providing consumers and businesses with fast results.

Interestingly, our research also showed that in-app push notifications do not appeal to more than 10% of those that play online games, while SMS has been rated as one of the top two channels for business based communications, allowing online gambling sites and retailers to share promotions and odds with a far more engaged audience.

Increasing in-play purchases

SMS is a global communication channel, used by millions including a growing number of business savvy gaming operators. The security and efficiency of SMS offer the ability to streamline a number of processes for online gambling sites including authenticating new customers, sending a secure and unique code or pin number directly to the user’s mobile phone.

To enhance the rise of in-play betting and support in-app purchases, online gambling and gaming sites need a communications strategy that drives interaction. Given that SMS has a significantly higher engagement rate than other channels, text messaging compliments push notifications and email campaigns, creating a more cohesive strategy across multiple channels.

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