5 reasons why your business needs mobile ticketing and vouchers

When it comes to marketing and improving the customer experience, mobile tickets and vouchers could be the solution, here’s why…

With the average millennial spending an average of five hours a day on their mobile devices, there’s a real opportunity for businesses to tap into.

Whether you’re boarding a plane or queuing up for a summer festival, rummaging around for paper tickets can become a real nuisance. Plus, not to mention the footprint it’s leaving on the environment. While printed vouchers on flyers and emails are easy to misplace.

In fact, in 2016, the Express reported that us Brits spend £96m every year replacing items we forget to pack for holiday and trips.

The point is, tickets and vouchers are easily misplaced, and the stress involved in retrieving it not only costs money but can also lead to a few grey hairs too!

However, if you pair the unequivocal performance stats of SMS marketing with its mobile ticketing and voucher features, your business could strike gold.

Get personal with mobile tickets and vouchers

By taking your ticketing systems to a virtual level, you’ll instantly reach customers on a personal level. According to The State of SMS white paper, text messaging holds an average open rate of 98% open rate. So, when you send a ticket or voucher via this medium, you’re almost guaranteed to get through to your customer.

And there’s plenty of scope within the SMS marketing channel too, with over 37.2 million consumers currently opted in to receive text communications from brands and businesses.

Minimise fraud

With mobile tickets and vouchers, every code that you generate is unique and can only be redeemed once. This helps to significantly reduce the likelihood of fraud and redistribution from happening.

Make life easier for your customers

When we’re stuck in a queue, most of us will naturally reach for our phones to fill the void. Whether you use a spare couple of minutes to check text messages or surf the net, with mobile ticketing and vouchers, your customer will already have their ticket in the palm of their hand.

Simply include a unique tracking code on the personalised mobile ticket or voucher and redeem them through your EPOS system. It’s completely trackable and easy to use. Cinemas can reduce queuing times and give movie buffs quicker access to the latest blockbuster flick by simply scanning a QR code. While frantic Black Friday and Christmas shoppers won’t have to waste time printing off vouchers. Easy access, means happier customers. And a happier customer often results in further business.

Why businesses should be using mobile ticketing and vouchers

Create a more well-rounded customer journey

With mobile ticketing, you can also allow your customers to integrate them with Wallet. Once a customer has had their mobile ticket scanned, you can send an automated confirmation message by SMS.

This will not only keep your brand in the customer’s mind, but it’ll enable you to branch out into sending mobile surveys to discover ways to improve your service. For instance, a retailer could send a mobile questionnaire asking the shopper about how impressed they were by the level of customer experience they received, or whether they found everything they needed. It’s just another way to go the extra mile for your customer.

Create more business with mobile vouchers

Further down the line, you can even use mobile ticketing and vouchers to generate more business. Just last year, one UK business in the automotive industry made a profit of £74,000 through using mobile vouchers. This represented a staggering 4,000% ROI.

This method could also be a great way for retailers to encourage greater footfall around Black Friday and the Christmas holidays. Simply include an enticing offer and get them to redeem it in-store.

Pushed for time?

If you like the sound of mobile ticketing and vouchers, but time, cost, or resource is an issue in your business, our Bureau team at Textlocal can help. Your dedicated account manager will ensure that your mobile tickets are designed and set-up ready for you to use. So, you can sit back and relax. To register your interest, or to start using mobile tickets and vouchers today, simply sign up for a free account today.

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