5 examples of how businesses can send MMS online

Learn how to bring your marketing campaigns alive and improve the customer experience by using MMS online.

Creating a piece of killer email content or sending a snappy SMS marketing campaign is all well and good, but sometimes we need a visual aid to reinforce the message.

According to a recent Hubspot blog, video content represents 74% of all internet traffic and 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

And if you’re thinking about calling, it’s also believed that when people hear information, they’re only likely to remember 10% of that conversation three days later! However, if you send something with an image, they’ll retain 65% of the information.

These types of revelations support the research that the average consumer attention span is reportedly worse than a goldfish – standing at just 8.25 seconds. (You can read more about this here.)

That’s why MMS marketing is so important for businesses. By sending and receiving picture messages, you instantly open the possibilities. You can utilise the unparalleled 98% open rate of text communications (The State of SMS) and enhance it with a picture, animation, video clip or music file.

And to help you get a better understanding of online MMS, I’ve included a handful of key examples below…

Reach potential buyers

If your estate agency has a new property on the market, you could potentially receive more offers by sending an online MMS containing an image of newly listed properties to potential buyers. And if you need a little inspiration on how to build a mobile opt-in list, check out Strutt and Parker’s case study about SMS short codes and keywords.

Increase footfall

Whether you’re a dealer with a new car model in or a retailer with a killer seasonal sale on, sending a picture message can spark interest and help you increase footfall. A simple snap of your latest car or discounted clothes rack can plant a seed in your potential customer’s head.

Fill quiet periods

Make a Monday evening in your restaurant or bar feel like a busy Saturday with a well-crafted MMS marketing campaign. Take a picture of an empty seat at your restaurant or bar and send it to potential customers with a caption saying: ‘We’re waiting for you <First Name>’. Or if you have a new winter menu, send it directly to your customers’ phones with a link to a PDF or landing page. Food for thought? I think so.

Introduce your brand in style

Treat newly opted-in customers to a royal introduction. Replace a mundane ‘Hello’ with a punchy video describing your services or products. This is especially important for businesses who operate in a saturated market. Make your brand stand out and more importantly, remembered, by sending a video via online MMS.

In fact, 76.5% of marketers and small business owners said video marketing had a direct impact on their business. While 34% of B2C marketers say a pre-produced video will be critical to marketing success in 2017 (Hubspot).

Receive MMS online

Here at Textlocal, our online platform also allows businesses to receive online MMS as well. This enables insurance and service-led companies to streamline their communications with customers.

So, instead of having your support team try to understand the requirements of an irate customer over the phone, you can make the process easier by allowing them to send a picture message directly to your email inbox. You can then offer timely advice and cut processes in half, which in turn should improve the customer experience.

Want to find out more?

You can learn more about sending MMS online on our dedicated page. Or to see the Textlocal MMS services in action, text SHOWME to 66777 and we’ll fire over our demo MMS message.

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