Lesson 101 – how to send an SMS with an attachment

Got more to say in your SMS marketing communications? Learn the ins and outs of text attachments, and how they can help you generate more revenue in your business.

Whether you want to know how to send a Word document via text message, or you’re simply here to learn more, SMS attachments are a priceless way to share further information with your customers.

SMS marketing doesn’t just have to be a plain 160-character message, add a little life into your communications with a text attachment.

How do SMS attachments work?

Attaching a file to your SMS is like email marketing. Simply find the file you want to attach from your device and the Textlocal online platform will convert it into a clickable link. You can then include this within your SMS marketing communication.

What about email marketing?

While sending an email with an attachment is still a highly effective and sort after marketing means, SMS can offer you a new avenue to get your message across.

In The State of SMS, it’s reported that 98% of text messages are opened, while 90% of them are seen within the first three minutes. These stats dwarf the results of email communications (peak 22%), making it the more desirable marketing channel to send attachments.

This could be particularly important when it comes to sending important documents in the healthcare industry. That’s why, by attaching your file to an SMS, your message is almost guaranteed to be seen. It’s the perfect complement to your marketing and communication strategy.

What type of documents can I attach to a bulk SMS?

The possibilities are endless with text attachments. With the Textlocal online platform, you can send SMS picture messages (.jpg, .png, .gif), PDFs, and doc files (such as Microsoft Word). Just make sure your attachment doesn’t exceed the 10MB limit.

Different ways businesses can use SMS attachments

  • Restaurants and takeaways – launching a new seasonal menu? Attach and send it to your mobile list to get their taste buds tingling.
  • Car dealers and travel agencies – got a new car model in? Or want to boost holiday bookings? Send a targeted SMS marketing message with a link to your PDF brochure. It’s far cheaper than direct mail and the average 32% response rate of SMS can help you generate the results you want.
  • Schools and recruitment agencies – share the latest news with your parents and prospects by sending a newsletter via an SMS attachment.
  • Estate agents – got a new house up for sale? Instead of calling potential buyers, give them a sneak peek of the property by sending an MMS. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

For further details on how to include links to files in your text messages, take a look at our SMS attachments page.

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Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.