Lesson 101: what is SMS marketing?

A complete run-down on how much SMS marketing costs, what it is, and why you should be using it.

Despite 37.2 million consumers opting in to receive text messages from brands, I’m amazed by the number of marketers and business owners who don’t know what SMS marketing is.

There’s a national appetite for business SMS. Of the 37.2 million opted in mobile users, more than 50% do not track or know the number of businesses they have opted in to receive texts from. This reveals that most consumers are comfortable providing their mobile number to businesses.

Yet, despite this interesting insight from The State of SMS, I’m absolutely flummoxed by the sheer quantity of marketers and businesses that simply haven’t explored the avenue. Which got me thinking. Perhaps, you don’t know what SMS marketing is? Or maybe you’d like to know the cost?

That’s why I’ve included everything you need to know about SMS marketing in this bite-sized blog. It should take no longer than 90 seconds to read – and go…

How SMS marketing works

Creating an SMS marketing campaign takes minutes to do and has the instant capacity to be seen by 90% of recipients in less than three minutes.

Simply upload your mobile database to an online SMS platform, create your message, schedule a time, and send.

However, that’s only scratching the surface. the capabilities of business SMS has significantly evolved beyond the 160-character limit some people will remember. The technology presents an opportunity for businesses to build relationships through the delivery of dynamic and rich users experiences. The once humble text message now offers advanced features such as the ability to insert website links, attach files, forms, interactive surveys or personalised vouchers and tickets. ‘Closing the loop’ on campaigns is now also a simple affair with most systems offering tools to track open rates, clicks, redemptions and responses.

Still unsure? Check out this quick video, it’ll tell you everything you need to know about SMS marketing in 43 seconds.

How much does SMS marketing cost?

Now for the financials. The beauty of SMS marketing is that it ultimately levels the playing field between SMEs and large businesses. With apps, you have to consider the initial development costs, plus maintenance. While social media campaigns can cost hundreds of pounds without the guarantee of your message even being seen. In fact, 62% of small business owners recently stated that Facebook Ads were missing their mark.

In contrast, one SMS marketing campaign worth £1,000 has the potential to make the same impact as a flashy advertising campaign worth £1 million. SMS enables you to create and deliver a campaign to 25 key customers for as little as £1 – based on an SMS costing £0.04.

However, with Textlocal, we offer a price match guarantee. So, if you find a cheaper price elsewhere, we’ll happily meet your requirements.

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