A brand-new way for retailers to use SMS marketing

Revolutionise your marketing strategy in the build up to Black Friday and the holiday season with this new integration from Textlocal.

You may already use email marketing in your business, but have you thought about including SMS to further enhance your multichannel marketing campaigns? We partner with leading email providers which you can now integrate SMS as part of your email marketing messages, allowing you to send texts as well as an emails from your email account.

The question is: why is this so significant for the retail industry?

From basket to doorstep – improve the shopping experience with email and SMS marketing

As soon as you’ve sent out an email confirming a customer’s purchase, how do you follow it up? Another email with a tracking number? Or nothing at all?

While email remains one of the most popular communications channels for retailers, using SMS will help you improve the customer journey and create a robust marketing road map.

Follow up your online orders with an email confirmation and a real-time SMS update. This is particularly important when it comes to improving the customer experience and brand loyalty. A delivery update via SMS is almost guaranteed to be seen and allows your online shoppers to get on with their day without having to wait around for their package to arrive. This is the ultimate way to improve the shopping experience.

In our new white paper, The State of SMS, we asked consumers what the most useful business SMS are. Unsurprisingly, delivery updates came out on top with 67% of the vote, closely followed by order confirmations (64%) and personalised discount vouchers (49%).

Enhance promotional sales

Adding SMS to your email automation is also a highly proactive way of enhancing sales from email marketing campaigns.

While promotional e-shots work effectively to raise awareness of seasonal sales, there’s always room for improvement. One follow-up business SMS could prompt customers to check their emails or take action. After all, if email campaigns only hold a peak average open rate of 22%, there’s a high possibility they would have missed it.

You could even create a personalised voucher to ‘seal the deal’ with a customer. Simply include their name, add your logo/branding, and send an SMS containing a link to it. With an average 98% open rate, this is a perfect way for retailers to reach any customers who didn’t initially open your email communication.

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