The biggest marketing challenges businesses face today

We look at some of the trickiest tests in marketing and how you can successfully conquer them this quarter using business SMS.

When it comes to marketing, SMEs and large businesses both face several challenges. While some large businesses may have a bigger marketing budget than a SME, the magnitude of a campaign can often cost a considerable amount to launch.

On the other hand, the biggest obstacle for SMEs is developing and executing an effective marketing campaign which delivers a substantial return on investment, while operating with a severely restricted budget.

To help illustrate these hindrances further, we’ve included the results of a survey we conducted for our new white paper below.

Figures taken from The State of SMS 

Although hiring top talent and training is highly important, the need for generating traffic, leads and proving the ROI on marketing activities are factors businesses struggle with the most.

The truth is, marketing is a results business. If you’re allocating a large proportion of your budget on marketing, you want to see a return.

However, the catch-22 with marketing is that many of these challenges work hand in hand. For instance, the ability to secure a bigger budget hinges on whether you can generate a substantial amount of traffic and leads in return. Or when it comes to proving the ROI of your marketing activities, have you identified the right technologies or hired the right candidate to help you pinpoint these findings?

One marketing campaign can change everything

In the past couple of years, the emergence and scale of mobile as a channel to receive communications has benefitted most businesses. As a result, SMS is now being recognised by big and small businesses as a proven marketing avenue to generate results without the great expense.

By sending out one bulk SMS campaign, these businesses have generated some truly fantastic results:

English National Opera (ENO)

ENO used bulk SMS to give their customers the opportunity to buy last minute tickets to their opera and musical shows.


The automotive giants used SMS ticketing to send out a local promotion on two of their car models.

Shelly’s Restaurant

Shelly’s Restaurant used bulk SMS to text their list of opt-in customers with special offers and sales promotions.

These examples of bulk SMS campaigns demonstrate how you can tackle a majority of marketing challenges. Not only did these business SMS campaigns generate more traffic and leads, but the reporting feature on the Textlocal online platform made it easy to track the ROI on an outbound SMS marketing campaign. For more information on business SMS for motor companies or business SMS for restaurants, get in touch with the team today and we will be happy to help.

The simplicity of sending a bulk SMS campaign also meant that there was no real need to employ a specialist or to conduct multiple training sessions. While SMS doesn’t make the process of website management any easier, it does deliver results, which in turn enables you to willingly invest more money into the budget.

So if any of these key marketing challenges sound familiar, try sending a bulk SMS with our award-winning free platform today.

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