Business SMS is a sure thing for betting companies

Whether it’s the Grand National, The Masters, or the latest Box Office bout, you can defy all odds and create a knockout campaign with SMS marketing. Here’s how…

SMS marketing has worked for thousands of businesses and organisations. But when it comes to big sporting events, there really isn’t a better time for betting companies to go ‘all in’.

Let’s look at the facts; according to our latest white paper, Mobile marketing for small to medium size businesses, 32% of customers will respond to a business SMS. This percentage blows any email or sponsored social media advertising you might be doing out of the water.

And then there’s the fact that 98% of business SMS are opened. Although email stats outperform Facebook for marketing, the peak open rate is still only 22.87% across all industries.

Sure enough, you might be thinking that SMS for business sounds great, but you don’t possess enough data to execute a campaign. Crisis averted. In the next few sections, I’ll illustrate how other betting companies have successfully sourced data for their SMS marketing campaigns and used it to increase their revenue.

Building a quality SMS database

The easiest way to rapidly increase the number of opted in customers, is by using SMS short numbers and SMS keywords.

Watchman Racing used business text messaging to send daily tips to subscribers of the tipster service. To help them continue building their database, they included a SMS short code and keyword on printed flyers and all their online advertising to gather mobile numbers of potential gamblers.

As a result, they received thousands of text messages each week, helping them to grow their database and their business. The feedback was also very strong, with people welcoming the instant and immediate communication business SMS provided.

Crayford Dog Track also used a SMS short code and keyword to build their database and rapidly increase the number of bookings. Customers could text the keyword ‘CRAYFORD’ to 60777 in exchange for a call back about an event or to receive promotional SMS marketing with special offers.

You see, with a feast of summer sport ahead, you could offer exclusive tips and enhanced odds for any customers who text a keyword to a short code. Just place a simple poster on the window of your shop or building with a SMS short code and keyword on. Busy commuters can walk past and text, while customers entering your store can opt-in for further bets.

I’ve included even more creative examples on this in my recent blog: How to build a database using SMS short codes and keywords.

SMS marketing works for betting companies

Text messaging is the proven way to reach potential customers on the go, with 90% of people reading a business SMS within the first three minutes of receiving it.

The Big Slick Poker Club used Textlocal to send bulk SMS to remind their members about upcoming tournaments, competitions, and events. By sending out timely messages, they saw an increase in tournament bookings and revenue.

Sure, you could develop an app and use push notifications to advertise bets, but this requires time and a substantial amount of money. Sending a text message is instant and cheaper. Just log in to Textlocal, type out a message, and include a shortened trackable link to your betting or booking site, and hey presto. If you want to increase footfall to your shop, or the number of people attending an event, to paraphrase The Godfather, give them an offer they can’t refuse!

It’s worth a crack, especially when everyone is in the mood for a flutter at the moment. Try sending a promotional SMS marketing campaign today and see what results you can achieve. For further information, why not check out our business SMS for gambling case studies?

open rate

Over 98% of the text messages sent from our SMS tool are opened and read. That’s unmatched communication power for your business. Try it for yourself.