4 examples of how bulk SMS marketing can beef up your sales

If you’re serious about making some big financial gains this year, I highly recommend you read about these bulk SMS campaigns from like-minded business owners.

Trying to achieve a healthy marketing mix is similar to attaining washboard abs, you need to put the work in.

But text messaging, or more specifically, bulk SMS marketing, is different. You can achieve some rock-solid results in the matter of minutes. Sure, I may sound like one of those corny shopping channel adverts, but for once, there isn’t a catch.

Don’t believe me? Read on to find out how these four businesses increased revenue with bulk SMS for business, plus how you can do the same.

Hush Beauty Spa

ESPA facials and body massage specialists, Hush Beauty Spa, needed to target existing customers with special offers and promotions every month to create repeat business.

They added a section on their website, allowing customers to opt-in to promotional SMS alerts. Once they built up a big list, they sent a series of bulk text messages every month. These texts contained special offers, promotions and 2 for 1 discounts.

Following their initial campaigns, they spent just £41 on sending business text messages to their customers. As a result, they engendered a stunning 85 bookings. On average, 18% of customers redeemed their promotional text – subsequently, leading to a higher response rate.

Shelly’s Restaurant

Shelly’s Restaurant in Warrington, Cheshire, sent bulk text messages containing special offers and sales promotions to their list of opt-in customers. This only cost them £28!

Within five hours, they had received more than £400 worth of bookings. This represented a sales return of 14 times the initial investment. Just imagine the possibilities of running these campaigns every couple of weeks.

This simple method of SMS marketing translates across all different sectors.

Royal Exchange Theatre

Our next example of bulk SMS marketing is the Royal Exchange Theatre. They wanted to increase awareness of the theatre, its amenities and increase ticket sales via the student market.

By sending out a quick text message to thousands of their students, they increased box office ticket sales. On average, they enjoyed a response rate between 8-20% from students taking up their ticket offers and promotions. Their bulk text message campaigns also helped increase the number of people subscribing to receive text alerts by 50%. Bravo I’d say!


The final example of how bulk SMS marketing has generated a boost in sales, comes from the car retailer giants, Lookers.

They used SMS to create a personalised ticket containing a special offer on a small selection of their cars. Lookers included this ticket and sent a bulk SMS to a huge array of nearby potential customers. The result was a profit of over £74,000 for a spend of just £1,800. This represented a return on investment of 4,000%!

And as if that wasn’t enough, this SMS marketing campaign also beat the likes of Audi and John Lewis to win two national awards.

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