Discover the secret to Black Friday success nearly 40% of retailers miss out on

Are you using the one marketing channel that’s proven to increase footfall this Black Friday?

In recent years, Black Friday has taken the UK by storm. In 2015, customers spent an estimated £1.1 billion – up from 2014’s figure of £810 million.

With this in mind, if you’re not getting your marketing strategy right on one of the biggest shopping days of the year – you could be losing out.

How to reach your audience and increase footfall this Black Friday

You may be using Facebook, email campaigns and media advertising to promote big sales and products. Although these methods can work well, 35.7% of retailers are missing out on a proven method of increasing sales.

The answer? SMS mobile marketing.

The latest research by mobilesquared reveals that nearly half of the mobile users receive upwards of 21 branded or business emails per week, with 14% claiming they receive more than 50. On Black Friday, these figures would spike significantly – overwhelming millions of potential customers.

Facebook boasts around 30 million users in the UK with only 9% of them viewing the medium as a marketing channel. Yet, a staggering 50% of mobile display spend is poured into Facebook.

In contrast, SMS is a cost-effective solution to cut through the noise on Black Friday. The open rates are considerably higher with text messaging as well. With social media, advertisements and email campaigns – many messages are time sensitive and often lost. Whereas with SMS, 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received and have an average click through rate of almost 40%.

The future of retail in the palm of your hands

The number of consumers making online purchases via mobile is on the rise, and this is particularly true when you look at Black Friday.

With a meteoric rise in use, smartphones will be an important battleground for many retailers this Black Friday. According to Google, 70% of customers making a purchase in-store used their smartphone for research before they made a purchase. A recent article on Bloomberg also states that smartphones will overtake desktops and tablets by the end of 2017 – accounting for more than 60% of all e-commerce visits.

Improve the customer experience this Black Friday

So, you’ve come up with a compelling offer to entice customers to pay your shop a visit this Black Friday, but you’re not getting a high enough response rate?

With SMS, you can send personalised tickets and vouchers. Instead of customers having to print off a voucher, you can send the offer directly to their phones with a QR code – saving them the hassle and giving them an extra excuse to pop in on the day. The open and read rate for these vouchers would be over 98%, which far outperforms any other marketing channels.

If you’d like any help setting up a successful Black Friday SMS campaign you can download a free guide today.

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