Are you part of the 85.7% that aren’t utilising the UK’s fastest growing marketing channel?

There’s a secret to every success in marketing and it often starts with a ‘eureka’ moment. If you think email campaigns, Facebook Ads and flashy apps are the be all and end all of marketing channels – you might be in for a surprise.

The latest research by mobilesquared reveals that nearly half of the mobile users receive upwards of 21 branded or business emails per week, with 14% claiming they receive in excess of 50. Instead of reading, engaging and absorbing every email, it’s now a race to see how quickly we can delete our unread messages.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Facebook boasts around 30 million users in the UK with only 9% of them viewing the medium as a marketing channel. Yet, a staggering 50% of mobile display spend is poured into Facebook.

So how can you get your message to cut through the noise? The simple answer – SMS for businesses.

33 million reasons to use mobile marketing

Despite incredible levels of engagement and an increasing demand from consumers, text messaging is being overlooked by many agencies and marketers as a mainstream communications channel.

Presently, only 14.3% of agencies are placing SMS as a core component of everything they do for clients. With just two-fifths of them stating that it’s “nice, but not understood” and “still viewed as a nice add on”. That’s 85.7% of agencies that aren’t utilising SMS.

As a viable brand and business communications channel SMS has to be taken seriously by any agency or marketer looking to provide a healthy and effective marketing mix.

The latest research by mobilesquared, reveals that 33.67 million mobile users in the UK have opted in to receive text messages from brands and businesses in 2016 – a figure which accounts for 65% of mobile users aged 18 plus, or 52% of the total population. That figure is forecast to reach 48.65 million by 2020, meaning brands and businesses will be able to connect with almost three-quarters of the UK population via text messaging alone.

Research also suggests that millions of mobile users would welcome text messages from their chosen brands and businesses. In fact, 15 million more people are expected to opt-in to receive branded and business communications over the next four years.

Grow with business SMS

Agency research revealed that mobile is the marketing channel to have experienced the most growth over the last 12 months, with SMS marketing now viewed more important than apps.

No other marketing medium can boast that it will expand by an average of 3.75 million people per year.

Consumers state that SMS and email are their preferred channels when it comes to receiving a branded or business-based communication – well ahead of Facebook, app push notifications and Twitter.

And with an unrivalled level of performance, text really should become a key element of your cross-channel marketing and CRM campaigns. You don’t have to be a mobile expert to utilise SMS. Partner with Textlocal and you can deliver consummate value to your clients.

Of course, when it comes to relatively unknown marketing channels like SMS text messaging, we understand ‘eureka’ moments don’t always happen with a click of a finger. That’s why we’ve put together a free white paper for you to digest.

So if you’re feeling inspired, interested or a little intrigued – there are 33 million reasons to take a look today.

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