How to send automatic responses to an SMS

One of the great features that comes with Messenger is the ability to send an automatic response to any text messages that get sent into your short code or dedicated inbound number. The possibilities that respond forward SMS opens up for you are unlimited, especially when you include some of the platform’s other great features, like attachments or SMS vouchers.

Acknowledge an inbound enquiry

So for example, if you were using your keyword to generate enquiries, e.g. “Text HELLO to 60777 to find out more”, you could trigger an automatic reply that acknowledges you’ve received the message, and tells the customer you’ll be in touch. This is especially important if you’re not going to be able to call them or otherwise respond straight away, because it means your customer knows you’ve received their message and that you’ll contact them.

Send attachments

SMS attachments

You can set up a short code and keyword to send interested potential customers information on your business that goes far beyond the standard 160 characters. Our SMS attachments service allows you to include a link to any content in your text message, whether it be a word document, a PDF, an image, a video – whatever you like. This has unlimited applications, including:

  • Sending out a copy of your menu to people responding to your advert, to give them the extra incentive to make a booking with your restaurant straight away
  • Attaching a price list to accompany your text response to customers opting in to your communications
  • Creating a customised mobile web page with directions to your business, your opening hours, your contact details and more – all at no extra cost.
  • A link to your YouTube channel so you can showcase your service with video

The really great thing about this feature is that it opens up the possibility of including interactive elements to your messages, to really get your customers engaging with your business.

Data capture


If you want to grow your customer list or gather more information about them, your automatic response could include one of our mobile data capture forms. Using the tool in Messenger, you can easily build a form that gathers extra details like your customer’s name, email address or location, plus any other details that will help you send them more relevant messages. All of these responses go straight into your Messenger account so you can access them at any time.

Vouchers & Loyalty cards


Add an extra incentive for customers signing up for your mailing list – set up an automatic response that contains an exclusive mobile voucher that recipients can redeem in store or online. If you’re keen on generating repeat business (and who isn’t?), you could change this to a mobile loyalty card. These cards will stay on your customers’ phones, so they won’t be lost, and they can be managed entirely in Messenger, without any printing costs.



You can use SMS as part of your customer communications short code and keyword for customer service, you could and schedule an automatic message that is sent a few hours or a day after your customer uses your services. This message could include a quick survey asking how they found your service. You can schedule more than one auto-response, so there’s a series of messages scheduled to go in the future, which you can send them straight away or any time you choose.

Getting started

As you might already know, you get a keyword on our shared short code when you open an account with us. If you want something more personal to your business, you can purchase a specific one directly in Messenger or by calling us.

If you need a hand setting it up, you can always call our friendly customer services team, who are there to impart their years of SMS wisdom on 01244 752 259.

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