Send text messages direct from your CRM with Textlocal & Zapier

You might have spotted our announcement on 11th February that our award-winning SMS platform Messenger is now available on app automation website Zapier. This means that you’re able to integrate Messenger with over 500 different business apps, helping to you automate your sends and improve your messaging experience.

Over sixty of the apps available on Zapier are for CRM platforms, ranging from big names to smaller, more niche offerings, so if you’re currently using a CRM platform the chances are that there will be an integration option for you.

So how can integrating Messenger with your CRM platform benefit your business?

Contact management

Syncing up your Messenger contacts with the contacts in your CRM platform used to be a manual process; either by extracting a .csv file from one and uploading to another, copy & pasting or simply typing them in manually. Now with Zapier you can sync your contacts automatically.

For example, if you want to integrate Salesforce with Messenger, you can create a Zap that automatically looks for new contacts in Salesforce. When it finds something new, you can trigger an action to duplicate that contact in Messenger. Now, whenever you’re planning a campaign, you have all your contacts in the right place. You can also choose to have contacts placed in different groups within Messenger, making it easier to send to specific customer, employee, patient or client segments.

Integrate Messenger with Zoho CRM

Alternatively, you might have built up a contact list in Messenger using a SMS short code and keyword or another of our data collection tools. You can set up a Zap to copy these new contacts across to your CRM platform, ready for whatever communications you like. These aren’t limited to just copying mobile contact numbers across either – if you ask people to text their email address in with your keyword, Messenger can intelligently sort this information and store it for you correctly.

Integrate Messenger with Salesforce CRM

If you want something to happen when a new contact is added, for example a follow-up call from your business’ sales team or a series of welcome emails, your business CRM system may allow you to create a new task as an action. This means that when you receive a new SMS message into Messenger (perhaps from a SMS keyword on a short code – such as text ‘Go’ to 60777), you can automatically create a task to follow it up – never lose a lead again!

Integrate Messenger with Podio CRM

Automated sending

One of the great things about our Zapier integration is that you can create a smoother customer journey with very little effort on your part. Whatever Zapier-enabled CRM platform you’re using, there are a number of actions you can do within the platform that you can use to trigger a text message from your Messenger account.

Start the customer journey right with a welcome text message when you add a new contact to your system. Textlocal customer Wickes use Zapier to do this whenever a customer joins their Loyalty Scheme in store, and you can do the same.

Integrate Messenger with Pipedrive CRM

When you’ve taken a new action on an account or contact in your CRM system, you can trigger a message to be sent to the contact. Depending on the system you use, and the type of action you undertake, you can create a whole journey of text messages to be sent without ever actually needing to go into Messenger. Write your messages, complete with personalisation, when you’re setting up the Zap, and then whenever your chosen action is performed, you’ve got a new message sent out in minutes.

Integrate Messenger with InfusionSoft

These are only a few examples of the types of actions you can automate using Zapier. We’ve created these featured Zaps to get you started, but if your chosen CRM platform isn’t featured, don’t worry – there are lots more platforms available to connect with, including Capsule CRM, Sugar CRM, Base, Streak, Highrise, Contactually, Nutshell CRM and more.

Find out more about our new Zapier integration and how you can make it work for you on our Zapier page. If you want a more complex integration, take a look at our other integration options, including our free API.

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