Managing SMS across multiple users, departments and businesses

One thing we’ve learned over the last ten years, is that there are many different ways that our customers use Messenger, often within the same business. Different users want different things from the platform, so we’ve developed the platform to keep up.

If you’ve got multiple people within your business using Messenger, there are a number of ways to manage your account that could make your SMS experience better.

Sub accounts

Our traditional ‘reseller‘ model allows you to create separate sub accounts that sit under the umbrella of your master account, ideal if you have different offices, branches, or franchisees that operate independently of each other. Your master account has control of their credit allocation so you can retain a tighter handle on the budget whilst allowing your offices or branches the flexibility, freedom, and data security that comes with having a separate account.

One of the great things about this feature is that the master account offers many of the tools that we have available to us “behind the scenes”. You’re able to manage the keywords that each sub account has to help them build their contact lists, create message templates for them to use, as well as decide how many credits to allocate to your accounts. You can even change the look of all your sub accounts so that they’re on brand with your company.

One account, many users

If you want to keep all your messages and customer data in one place, you can create multiple users for the same account using our Messenger+ package, each with their own log-in details. The package comes with five sub-users as standard, but there’s no limit to how many you can add.

By adding sub-users, you’re able to define exactly what each member of your team can do within the platform, from department level right down to each individual user. So, for example, you can make it so only your finance team are able to buy new credits, so you can keep a tighter hold on your spending.

Or, you could decide that your customer service team could only send from a selection of pre-made message templates, standardising your service and making sure that they’re never saying the wrong thing. All sub-users will pull from the same pot of credits, so if you want a department to have a separate budget, you’ll need a sub-account as described above.

You can stop your sales team from exporting your contact lists out of the platform, helping to keep your customer data safe. If you later decide that you’d like one particular member of that team to have that access, you can go in and give them special privileges that override their team roles.

Basically, if you can do it in Messenger, you can control access to it for your sub-users, giving you exactly as much control as you need.

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