Uni Baggage improves customer support with SMS from Textlocal

Uni Baggage is a student shipping company, transporting student’s luggage within the UK and Internationally to over 200 countries worldwide.

As you might imagine, working within the shipping industry and transporting luggage across the world for tens of thousands of customers requires a high level of logistical management.

It’s an industry where speed, efficiency and timeliness are a top priority and any delays or mis-steps can cause major frustration among customers.

At Uni Baggage, the UK’s No.1 Student Shipping Company, we often have hundreds of orders to process, shipments to oversee, service and support to offer customers and a high volume of enquiries to answer – all on a daily basis.

Being a relatively small business, we strive to maximise productivity and enhance customer communication, which is why we’re always keen to embrace new tools and products that can help us achieve this.

Textlocal is the perfect example of this, having significantly improved and streamlined our communication with customers and helped us save time and money in doing so.

We mainly use Textlocal’s service as a method of offering customer support through its API gateway. During the booking process, customers can opt-in to receive SMS notifications automatically alerting them when their items have been collected, are out for delivery and have been delivered. This has significantly reduced the number of emails and phone calls we receive requesting updates on customers’ shipments.

We like to offer customers the option to opt-in to receive mobile messages and we find that the majority of our customer choose to do so, due to the convenience that this channel provides.

Our notifications can be time-sensitive, so we need to reach customers on the go. Fast mobile alerts work for our customer base of young adults, who often don’t go more than a few minutes without at least glancing at their phones.

In addition, we like to establish more personal relationships with our customers, as we want them to feel like they can trust us with transporting their belongings safely. Some students can feel apprehensive about handing their precious personal belongings over to a shipping company, however using mobile messaging as a communications channel is reassuring to customers and helps us build trust.

Textlocal has been a cost effective and simple solution to any communications issues we have faced. It’s easy to set up, manage and monitor and we’ve received some excellent feedback, as it adds another attractive feature to our service that customers appreciate.

It’s a tool that we will continue to use and thoroughly recommend to other small businesses, regardless of size, target market or industry.

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