Five more SMS tricks you might have missed

We’re always looking to help our customers make the most of their mobile messaging, which is why we delved deep into the Messenger platform last week to bring you “Six bonus Messenger features that might surprise you…”. We didn’t quite finish with our extra features though, so here’s part two of our tips rundown.

Segmented sends

If you’re sending messages to thousands of people at once, are you equipped to handle the response? That’s what our segmentation feature is for – you can stagger the sends to go in smaller tranches over a period of time you define. Want to send 200 messages every half hour? 1,000 messages every ten minutes? Whatever works for you, Messenger can handle it.


Sometimes inspiration might strike you for the perfect text at 1am – but sending it out then won’t win you much favour. Or maybe it’s best for your messages to go at 6pm, but you’re not in front of your PC… that’s where scheduling comes in. Choose a time and date for the send that suits you – up to 12 months in advance, if you’re really organised! Changed your mind? You can edit or delete your scheduled messages from your reports section.

QR codes

Want to make sure your customer gets your keyword just right? All of our inboxes come with a free QR code that, when scanned, will automatically bring up a new text message with your keyword automatically added – you can even add extra text in there, and we’ll generate a whole new QR code with that information for you. Simply save the file and add it to your marketing material, and watch the messages come in!

SMS to Email

Last week we told you about our Email to SMS function, but this one’s a bit different. If you want to gather email addresses along with mobile numbers, you can ask for your customers to text their email address along with your keyword. Messenger intelligently detects email addresses, so as well as an SMS auto response you can send an email in reply, complete with any attachments you want. Send an SMS, receive an email? Easy.

Sub keywords

Anyone who knows about SMS keywords and short codes knows they’re a great way to encourage engagement and build your contact database, but did you know you can stretch them that much further? Once you’ve bought one keyword from us, you can add an unlimited number of sub keywords underneath it, allowing you to use one keyword for multiple campaigns – at no extra cost. So if you own “HELLO” on 60777, you also own “HELLO DAVE”, “HELLO STEVE”, “HELLO AARDVARK” – anything you like!

If these lists of features haven’t been quite enough for you, and you’re hungry for more, take a look at our services to see what else you could do with a text. Or if you’re more the hands on type, open your free account now and find out for yourself!

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