Mix things up by integrating SMS with your social media

Marketing buzz has been surrounding the rapid adoption of social media throughout the last decade, particularly in the last few years as the number of platforms and users has exploded. In 2012 Facebook had a staggering 1 billion users worldwide, and since then the number has only grown. Twitter has around 236 million active users and mobile photo sharing app Instagram reached 300 million this December.

These numbers pose an exciting opportunity for mobile marketers, as increasing numbers of users are accessing social media through their smart phones. We already know that most people have their phone within arm’s reach all day, but the prevalence of social media means that you have the chance to reach them while their phones are in their hands.

How can this benefit your mobile marketing?

Well to start with, social media is an ideal place to build your SMS opt-in list. You could promote your short code and keyword with social media specific campaigns to encourage engagement from your fans across platforms, and it’s easier than ever for potential subscribers to sign up as their phones are already in their hands!

If you’ve got a message you need to get across to all of your customers, fans or followers regardless of the platform they use, then you could use Messenger’s handy social links to post your message to your social networks at the same time as you send out a text. Once you’ve connected your social profiles, it’s easy to make sure as many people see your message as possible.

Why would you bother with SMS when social is so good?

Sure, there’s a lot of people using social media, and you might have grown quite a following – but that doesn’t mean you can disregard all your other channels completely. More people have mobile phones that are active on social media – by a huge margin. Around 29% of tweets and 17% of Facebook posts are read, compared with 98% of text messages.

The best way to make your marketing communications as effective as they can be is to combine the power of your individual channels to make one big, integrated, campaign. Use each tool to complement the other and you’ve got a formula for success.

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