iPhone users alerted to better SMS notification feature

There’s an additional iPhone notification for text messages that many users are unaware of, according to one tech journalist at mirror.co.uk.

Compiling a list of some lesser-known features on the ubiquitous devices, Jeff Parsons noted that iPhone users can use flashing LEDs to alert themselves to notifications they may otherwise have missed.

By heading to Settings>General>Accessibility>Hearing, Parsons wrote, users can turn on a feature called ‘LED flash for alerts’. This ensures the iPhone’s LED lights blink when a message is received but not yet read.

This feature could better alert users to the arrival of new messages, if they missed the tone or vibration. The feature could also be welcomed by text marketers, knowing their iPhone-owning contacts will be better notified when a message comes through.

Other tricks that Parsons highlighted include the ‘Shake to Undo’ feature, to remove the last passage of text in emails or messages, and the HDR (High Dynamic Range) equipped camera, which allows photographers to take a burst of three pictures then pick the best.

Also on the subject of pictures, Parsons said the official earphones could be used as a remote, to make everything clearer. By pressing the volume-up button, users don’t have to jab at the screen when taking a picture, thus making everything steadier – which improves picture quality.

“You use it every day,” Parsons stated, “but we bet you never knew your iPhone could do these really handy tricks.”

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