Welsh texters prefer English in messages

The vast majority of Welsh speakers still use English when writing texts to friends and family members, new data shows.

In a national study, the Welsh Government found that more than 310,000 people can speak the language, and almost half of these (46 per cent) consider themselves ‘fluent’. Within this larger group, however, only one in eight send text messages in Welsh, dailypost.co.uk reports.

Of the Welsh speakers, 74 per cent said they write most mobile messages in English instead, with the results showing that older mobile users are more likely to write in their native language.

The study, carried out in partnership with the Welsh Language Commissioner, also looked at use of the Welsh language across other forms of digital communication, and found similar trends.

Eighty per cent said they mainly use English when writing emails and social media posts. On Facebook, only nine per cent write in Welsh, and the figure drops to six per cent among Twitter users.

First Minister Carwyn Jones was quoted by bbc.co.uk as saying: “There is a lot to be positive about from the report’s findings but there are also challenges ahead.

“This is a crucial time for the language and, as a government, we remain determined to address these challenges and ensure that the language has a thriving and secure future.”

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