Future of SMS privacy suggested by new “untexting” app

The desire to delete a sent text message is something most people have experienced, and it’s about to become a reality with a new iOS messaging app which provides a glimpse into the future of SMS privacy.

‘Strings’ allows users to send texts, images and videos to other users in an instant messenger format, with great emphasis on user privacy. A user can choose which contacts are able to save the images and videos they send, and can delete sent messages or even an entire conversation permanently. This can be done even if the message has been read; a process dubbed “untexting”.

However, while the app’s strapline “You pull all the strings” suggests users have 100 per cent control, there is still no way to prevent another user from taking screenshots of images and text messages, independent.co.uk reports.

All users must have the app installed on their phones in order for “untexting” to take place. Once a message or conversation is deleted, the ‘string’ – meaning each unique conversation – and all associated content is removed from all users’ phones, dailymail.co.uk notes.

Edward Balassanian, founder of the company behind the Strings app Be Labs, said: “We think the time for Strings is now…it’s time we had a messaging app that gives us complete control of our conversations.”

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