How mobile usage in 2014 will shape the trends of 2015

2015 is set to be another year of mobile marketing success. If the trends of previous years are anything to go by, 2015 looks to take a wider stronghold on the world of digital. Research by Group M has predicted that “In 2015, £1 of every £2 spent on advertising in the UK will go to digital and online media”.

As technology continues to thrive and consumer tolerance levels of mobile marketing adapts, we have seen the evolvement of many great technologies and innovation. No longer is the world of marketing 1-dimensional.

The mobile market place continues to grow…

Mobile advertising will be the main driver of advertising spend growth, forecast to account for over half (51 per cent) of all new spend between 2014 and 2017, growing at an average of 38 per cent each year. This is partly due of course to new channels being discovered and the differing methods of consumption. Here are a few snippets about the state of digital advertising;

  • Geo-specific marketing, targeting those that are location-based.
  • We have seen interest-based targeting – advertisements served depending on your browsing history
  • Games consoles have adapted to digital advertising
  • Smart TV’s are better connected
  • The internet of things launches, set for billions of connected devices

Mobile marketing has taken form as a multi-channel combination of new technology and access to instant information twinned with a change of approach by businesses.

Mobile performance metrics have risen in 2014

There has never been a more important time in the world of business to understand mobile marketing metrics and get tracking right. You’ll need to be aware of what device people browsed your site on, how people accessed and shared your content and how the consumer demands a seamless experience cross-device. Businesses will continue to look closely at;

  • Page load speed
  • Google analytics for mobile – tracking and measuring
  • Responsive sites
  • Content designed specifically for mobile consumption

Content designed with mobile in mind

As mobile usage continues to surge, companies across the globe have begun to be more granular with content. Someone accessing data on a mobile device will consume differently to a desktop user. Mobile is one of the fastest and most responsive marketing delivery methods. It is for this reason that mobile has taken centre stage in many digital strategies.

As mobile consumption is set to overtake other devices, businesses are beginning to provide content specifically for mobile users – 2015 is all about connecting with mobile users and there has never been a better time to drive visitors with a mobile marketing strategy. Mobile is a catalyst of change and will impact many areas of the marketing spectrum. It is already heavily influencing analytics metrics and website access pressure points, social media is almost completely mobile-centric and now even websites are being designed with mobiles as the first point of entry.

In conclusion, the mobile marketing industry is set to continue its growth well in to the New Year. The changing consumer behaviour and use of mobiles is set to landscape the future evolution of digital media consumption.

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