Apple launches tool to fix iMessage non-delivery issue

Apple has released a new web tool that may finally solve the text messaging glitch for former iPhone customers.

The much-maligned issue meant that users who had switched their SIM to a non-Apple handset were not receiving SMS messages from contacts with iPhones. This is because Apple effectively hijacks messages and re-routes them via its own servers, so users who had not deactivated iMessage before getting rid of their iPhone were missing out on texts.

The new Deregister iMessage tool has been released on Apple’s website and hopes to fix this bug, reports It means that those who no longer have access to their old iPhone can disable Apple’s service, allowing text messages to go back to working as normal.

Apple’s new web tool is available from its website. It requires former iPhone users to enter their mobile phone number – they will then be sent a code for verification, which must be entered into the form – after which they will be able to deregister from iMessage.

The flaw was discovered last year and has been a long running distraction for Apple, with some former US customers even filing a class action lawsuit against the tech giant for interfering with the delivery of text messages, reports

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