Three customers no longer need phone signal to receive texts

Three customers can continue to send and receive text messages even if they do not have a phone signal, as long as they are connected to Wi-Fi.

A brand new app, named Three inTouch, allows calling and texting over Wi-Fi, making it ideal for anyone who lives in an area where phone signal is often patchy. Furthermore, Three customers in London could be among the app’s biggest beneficiaries, as they could connect to Three’s new Underground Wi-Fi service and text or call their friends whilst waiting for the tube.

Another perk is that the person receiving the text or call doesn’t need to be using the app, nor do they have to be a Three customer. Unlike other messaging systems such as WhatsApp which keep messages contained, Three InTouch uses a person’s mobile number, thus opening it out to all users on a much wider scale.

However, calls and texts made over Wi-Fi will still be deducted from the user’s pay-as-you-go credit or monthly contract allowance, reports Currently, the app will not work in countries outside of the UK that aren’t covered by Three’s ‘Feel At Home’ service. This means inTouch will only work in 16 foreign countries, although that does include the US, France and Hong Kong. Three is also looking into changing this restriction in the coming months.

The app is now available free to Three customers on both iOS and Android, reports

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