Misplaced texts among Brits’ biggest mobile faux pas

One third of mobile phone owners in the UK have accidentally texted or called the wrong person at least once, new research shows.

After questioning Brits about their most mobile habits, Lookout Mobile Security found that 72 per cent have made “cringeworthy” blunders before, with wrongly addressed messages the second most common mobile mishap.

In first place was ‘finger fumbling’, with 41 per cent of Brits admitting they sometimes press the wrong buttons on their devices, lookout.com reports. Completing the top five were accidentally calling someone from a pocketed handset (27 per cent), making predictive text errors (25 per cent) and misplacing a phone while still at home (19 per cent).

More than a quarter of those who admit to making mistakes say their faux pas are down to “forgetfulness or absentmindedness”.

A spokesperson from Lookout Mobile Security was quoted by dailymail.co.uk as saying: “People are very much aware that their phone could fall into the wrong hands, but they don’t necessarily consider what happens in their own hands.”

The researchers also looked into the things that annoy mobile owners most. They found that loud music or talking from another user is the biggest cause of stress, with 56 per cent citing this. Being walked into by an engrossed texter (40 per cent) and receiving nonsensical texts (30 per cent) followed.

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