EE named most reliable mobile network operator

EE is the UK’s most reliable mobile phone network operator, according to a new study.

The company operates under the Orange and T-Mobile brands as well as its own EE banner, which means its chokehold on the mobile phone market is already tighter than any of its competitors’.

According to an estimated 840,000 tests from network evaluators RootMetrics, EE is the best all-round operator and performed strongly across all categories.

These included performances across calls, reliability, speed, mobile internet and texting. The last category is especially important for SMS marketers, who require their messages to be delivered to the customer as soon as they’re deployed. Should a message arrive minutes or maybe hours later, they may have missed out on a key window of opportunity.

As reported by, Vodafone was found to be the worst network in terms of reliability and the most likely to cut someone off.

Despite being one of the oldest network providers in the country, the company finished last in every single category apart from network speed. Even then it placed one from the bottom – beaten only by Three. says O2 managed to place second in terms of call performance, but was let down by third position in the grading for reliability.

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