Top SMS and mobile marketing ‘must reads’ for business

Mobile youth – Voices of the mobile generation

This book has been written by Graham Brown, who has put ten years’ worth of research into stories that discuss how phones are a form of emotional reliance for young people. Mobile Youth highlights how mobile technology has gripped the world, with young people being the spearhead of this. It also covers youths from different parts of the world including Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Saudi Arabia. If you want to understand how powerful the mobile phone is to young people, this book is well worth a read.

15 psychological triggers to convert leads into customers

This blog will tell you how you can target your customers and ensure that they actually convert. It’s all well and good being able to get the leads, but if you can’t get them to spend money, then it’s largely a waste of your time. This resource gives you an understanding of what makes your customers tick and how you can use this to your advantage, potentially boosting your customer base.

9 reasons why every enterprise needs a mobile strategist

If you weren’t sure how important a mobile strategist was to your business, this e-book will fill in the blanks, leaving you completely clued up. Looking at both US and UK companies, it explains the reasons why having a strategist is so important, as well as detailing the role the mobile strategist actually plays in the business as a whole.

Inside mobile – The basics

If you are at the point of considering mobile marketing for your business, our whitepaper covering the basics could be a brilliant read for you. Explaining the essentials that you need to know before you even start could put you on a better footing and leave you feeling prepared for what’s to come. Once you have the basic knowledge, mobile marketing may seem like a walk in the park.

Mobile trends by the numbers

This will give you a breakdown of the key numbers in all things mobile. Whether you want the details on how valuable mobile is to commerce, or just want to see how many people are using mobile devices, you’ll find it all here. This can be particularly useful if you’re trying to work out how much you should spend on mobile marketing, but also when working out the key areas and people to target.

Mobile strategy: How your company can win by embracing mobile technologies

Written by Dirk Nicol, a product manager at IBM, this book will give you an insight into the various mobile trends in the industry. It may be of particular interest if you already have some involvement with the design side of things or the mobile strategy as a whole. It’s not as much of a back-to-basics book, but more aimed at those who already have reasonable knowledge of the mobile marketing world.

Mobile marketing: An hour a day

This book has been written on the basis that traditional approaches to marketing strategy are not as successful as other, newer methods. Putting portability, preference, presence and proximity at the heart of mobile marketing campaigns is most important, according to the book. You are left to make up your own mind as to whether SMS is strong enough to be a marketing tool all on its own, or if it needs support from other tools along the way.

There are so many more articles, whitepapers and blogs that you can read on the topic of mobile marketing and a great place to start would be our free resources and guides. The more you can research and read up on, the better equipped you’ll be to create a comprehensive and effective mobile marketing campaign for your business.

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