Is video content the next big thing for mobile marketing?

An investment in video content might be wise for mobile marketers in 2014, given that 85 per cent of people will share a video straight after watching it.

That’s according to statistics released by Blinkx, the video curation company. Its founder and chief strategy officer, Suranga Chandratillake, believes that video advertising could be the nest big thing for mobile marketers.

Writing for, Chandratillake says: “The mobile video ad is a highly effective sales tool that puts brand’s ads front of mind, whilst consumers are on the go.

“As well as being a portable prompt, the mobile video ad is insidiously effective. It goes much further than just viewing,” he adds, perhaps referring to the shareability of such content. The content will only be shared (and therefore the brand’s reach widened) if it counts as ‘interesting and exciting information’, though.

“Sharing is now usurping search as the route to discovery, with people tending to watch only what’s channelled to them. but brands have to get [it] right!” the strategy officer concludes.

Getting it “right” could mean sticking to videos that are short and relevant – something Anna Barger, the vice-president of the Mobile Marketing Centre at the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), believes is key to success within the video realm.

As many mobile users want their information fast and ‘on the go’, keeping video content concise is best for the mobile audience, she tells Videos must be easy to share on social networks, too and users would enjoy being able to edit them.

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