UK mobile ad spend up 126 per cent from 2012

New research has found that mobile advertising spend in the UK is up by 126 per cent on 2012 figures, according to

The data was collected by independent market research company eMarketer. The firm claimed that mobile advertising revenue will exceed £1 billion by the end of this year and that it will double in 2014, to £2.26 billion. The figure of 126 per cent year-on-year growth is a revised percentage from earlier this year, when it was predicted to be 90 per cent.

According to the report, mobile now accounts for a fifth of advertising spend. Researchers claim that this huge growth is down to the rising number of smartphone and tablet devices being bought by the UK’s “mature digital population”.

The research also reported on the earnings of social media site Twitter. It discovered that the site will earn £46.3 million in the UK this year, with £43.6 million of this revenue coming from ads. This latter figure is nearly triple last year’s earnings from Twitter advertisements.

eMarketer’s research is based on global and local trends within the economy, as well as consumer behaviour and technology trends. The report also uses data from media outlets such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and IAB UK, according to

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