New smartphone promises to solve low battery issues for good

A new smartphone is hoping to save people from encountering the dreaded low battery alert with a power-saving display.

As reported by, the latest device from Russian company Yota comes with two screens, one of which uses the e-ink technology seen on eReaders like the Amazon Kindle.

This window is always on and promises to extend battery life by displaying new messages and other notifications in simple black and white.

SMS marketers should see plenty of promise in the new device, as their automated messages will deliver at the times they’re meant to – not hours later when the user has charged their device back up.

As for MMS, the Andoid device also has an LCD display for regular browsing, with the second screen used primarily for checking whether any messages have come through.

With many smartphone owners struggling to make their battery last through a whole day, the option to have a second screen that requires very little power could be a huge selling point for Yota’s product.

According to, the company says the typical mobile phone user will pick up their device around 150 times a day and believes this is the reason why batteries on smartphones drain so quickly.

“This is a huge distraction and can impede meaningful interaction with our friends, families and colleagues,” added Yota Devices chief executive Vlad Martynov.

As well as its two screens, Yota’s new smartphone also boasts a 1.5HGz duel-core processor and a 12-megapixel rear camera.

The phone will go on sale online in Russia, Austria, France, Spain and Germany at around 499 euros (£413), with the makers planning a launch in 20 more countries by March 2014.

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