B2B SMS messaging market tipped to continue growing

The global market for B2B SMS messaging has been tipped to continue growing.

A new report released by Informa Telecoms and Media has suggested that more and more enterprises are taking advantage of the cheap, reliable communication method.

According to zdnet.com, the report forecast an overall decline in global SMS revenue, due mainly to the fact that over-the-top messaging apps were stealing a large chunk of the income created by non-business SMS communications. In fact, it was reported that none of the 59 countries measured in the report would be immune to this takeover from the likes of WhatsApp, WeChat and SnapChat.

However, it was also suggested that SMS still has a huge role to play in the B2B arena and that growth in this market can be expected in the short-term future at least.

Speaking to informatandm.com, Informa’s head of forecasting Gareth Sims explained: “Although we are forecasting a decline in SMS revenues, due largely to the well-documented competition from OTT players, the diverse messaging market provides so many complementary use cases that it would be naïve to think that SMS has no future role to play.”

Overall, global SMS revenue was tipped to reach $120 million (£75.5 million) for this calendar year.

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