SMS most popular way for charities to encourage mobile giving

It has been revealed that SMS is still the most popular way for charities to encourage mobile giving, according to

Nearly half (49 per cent) of all charities now use SMS for collections, according to the Survey of the Not-for-profit Industry. This is a 33 per cent increase from 2012 figures.

The survey was carried out by company Blackbaud, which supplies technology for those in the charity and not-for-profit sector. It also found that 35 per cent now have a mobile site and 48 per cent are looking into creating one. Mobile-optimised email is now a priority for charities too. Thirty-six per cent are currently using it and 41 per cent plan to in the future, according to the data.

Talking about the data, Martin Campbell, Blackbaud Europe’s director of strategy and innovation, told that mobile services should be used as part of a whole campaign. He said: “Mobile works best as part of an overall multi-channel strategy, with not-for-profits engaging with people using the medium that donors and supporters feel most comfortable with.”

The data also found that the use of QR codes has increased by 15 per cent on last year’s figures, to 25 per cent. The survey, which is taken annually, has been running since 2004. A total of 592 charities were quizzed as part of the research.

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