Mobile marketing must be relevant, claims Adobe head

Businesses must ensure their mobile marketing campaigns are highly relevant if they’re to find success in the channel.

That’s the view of Gunnar Klauberg, product marketing manager at Adobe Systems, who says companies cannot afford to use the scattergun approach with the hope of something coming off.

In an interview with, he said messages should be seen as “small snacks” rather than whole meals and should not attempt to overwhelm the tiny screen. This could be a nod to SMS marketing, where campaign managers deploy a series of short text messages in a timely manner.

According to Mr Klauberg, mobile marketing has to be relevant, to the point and actionable enough for the consumer to pursue their interest.

“In the end the customer doesn’t think about mobile or desktop, he will want to engage with your brand and choosing mobile of that is more an implicit decision and not a primary decision,” he commented, cited by

In more advice for businesses considering an investment in mobile marketing, Mr Klauberg said mobile landing pages provide one of the best ways of targeting users.

Now an “essential” tactic to the modern day marketer, the mobile landing page presents a way for smartphone and tablet users to access web pages in a simple format. Mr Klauberg says these groups of users are growing so much that businesses are now starting to consider mobile only websites.

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