Smartphones are typically checked 150 times each day

Smartphone users check their devices over 150 times a day, and rarely to make or answer calls, new research has claimed.

An infographic created by Adtruth illustrated that smartphone users check their devices as much as 150 times every single day. Put another way, this is more than nine times for every hour of typical wakefulness – good news for brands using mobile marketing as it shows just how wedded to their devices many smartphone users actually are.

The devices aren’t left alone during the night, however, as some 44 per cent of those surveyed also claimed they keep their phones near the bed to ensure no updates are missed, even if they happen overnight, claims.

Where usage was concerned, the trend for mobile-first web browsing was further boosted by Adtruth, which predicted that mobile browsing would account for 33 per cent of all web traffic before the end of 2013. Then, by 2014, this could have increased to more than half, therefore pushing desktops into second place.

Despite all the good news for mobile users, it was also reported that many are registering increased security concerns. Some 81 per cent of those surveyed said that they avoid applications that don’t look trustworthy, whilst 72 per cent said they were more security conscious this year than in 2012, reports.

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