Expert lauds accurate targeting of SMS

Mobile advertising expert and social media consultant Brian Honigman has explained to businesses just how accurate SMS can be as an audience targeting platform.

Writing at, Mr Honigman said that using a marketing channel that incorporates a list of permission-based subscribers helps brands gain plenty of information about their customers. From then on, the brands can use these details to send their audiences highly targeted messages.

This opens up a range of opportunities, such as targeting according to a user’s location and using different marketing campaigns for different products.

Cited by, Mr Honigman says that businesses will even send SMS surveys to their audience in order to gain as much information about them as possible. Ultimately, he believes these details can be used to tailor messages and therefore aid customer retention.

“Accurately targeted SMS campaigns can help retain customers in the long term because customers are receiving messages that match their interests and relate to their physical location,” he wrote.

Mr Honigman went on to claim that mobile users don’t get as annoyed with SMS ads because text messaging networks have not been bombarded with spam, unlike email.

Stating that text messaging is currently going about “tapping into the power of personalization”, Mr Honigman concluded by saying that long-term loyalty is accomplished through adoption of the personal approach when it comes to constructing brand messages.

“SMS text messaging is tapping into the power of personalization,” he added.

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