Brits will send 2 million words in texts during their lifetime

The average Brit will write two million words in text messages during their lifetime, reports.

The staggering total, which is equivalent to around 20 whole novels, would be enough to write the Oxford English Dictionary six times or the Complete Works of Shakespeare twice over.

This figure was reached by Net Voucher Codes, which found that people in their twenties will, on average, send four messages a day of roughly 20 words. In total, this would equate to 30,000 words every year or 1,993,200 during a person’s lifetime.

Whilst it is hard to predict where the technology will be by the time today’s 20-year olds reach old age, analysts have claimed that mobiles are likely to be around in some form or another, and these so-called “digital natives” will be just as happy to use them as they are today.

This research also provides good news for brands using text marketing services as it shows that, despite claims that the SMS world is in decline, people are still as happy as ever to compose these messages – even racking up word counts in the millions.

Commenting on the results, a Net Voucher Codes spokesperson told “Adults in their twenties are the first generation to have grown up with mobile phones and most likely will be using them well into old age.

“This will probably increase for younger generations as they become more reliant on instantaneous communication.”

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