Samsung beats Apple in mobile internet usage race

New statistics show Samsung has now overtaken Apple for mobile internet usage, according to

The data was released by web-watching organisation StatCounter. It found that Samsung’s share of mobile internet usage increased to 25.47 per cent last month. This was just ahead of Apple’s 25.09 per cent and Nokia 21.96 per cent.

The research suggests that companies who are investing in mobile marketing should make sure that they aren’t just targeting iPhone devices, as they could be missing out on valuable custom.

Results from the report also showed that BlackBerry (formerly RIM) saw its internet mobile usage share decline from five per cent to 3.62 per cent in the last 12 months.

The news that Samsung is now ahead of Apple in the mobile internet usage race has come as a surprise to some analysts. This is because the former has an 18.3 per cent share of US mobile traffic and 20.45 per cent of UK traffic, whereas Apple has a 54.84 per cent share in the US and 47.97 per cent share in the UK.

It is thought that mobile traffic from Europe and Asia is boosting Samsung’s statistics, as both regions are said to be suited to Samsung’s broad range of smartphones, according to

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