Study finds location-based techniques driving interest in mobile marketing

Companies are seeing huge value in basing their mobile marketing campaigns on local data, according to new research. looked at key stats on the location-based services marketplace to highlight its contribution to the wider field of mobile marketing and explain how key techniques are driving advertising strategies.

The report stated that collecting data for use in mobile messaging campaigns has always been difficult due to the fact that phones do not support third-party cookies. Utilising an opt-in system, these allow for straightforward tracking and data-gathering.

However, according to, location-based mobile technology is helping marketers identify and track their mobile audiences, while special algorithms allow them to divide their user groups into segments for targeting.

Business Insider says the data garnered through this process is driving most of the interest and success in mobile marketing, as brands are able to create campaigns with measurable results.

Using data from a marketing firm, conducted on 400 brand executives, the website claimed that 91 per cent of those running mobile campaigns were planning to increase their investments in location-based marketing in 2013 – and for good reason.

Citing data from a company that provides location-based services, the researchers claimed that campaigns using this technique were around twice as effective as the mobile industry average click-through rate of 0.4 per cent.

According to the report, campaigns including at least one out of geo-aware ads, geo-fenced ads and location data paired with audience demographics are having the most success.


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