Americans use smartphones for 58 minutes a day

A new study has shown that Americans spend on average 58 minutes of their day on their smartphones.

Experian Marketing Services’ Simmons Connect mobile did research into the way smartphone users spend time on their phone. The average user dedicates 20 per cent of their time deciding to send a text to their contacts, whilst 26 per cent is used up by making calls, reports.

Unsurprisingly social networking took up a large portion of smartphone use at 16 per cent and surfing the web on a mobile accounted for 14 per cent of time spent. Emailing and playing games accounted for about nine per cent and eight per cent of daily usage, while the use of the phone’s camera and GPS each take up two per cent of a user’s daily dose of smartphone.

The difference between iPhone users and Android was significant, with iPhone users spending a 26 minutes more than the typical Android user. Additionally, iPhone users spend more time texting, emailing, taking photos and social networking, reports.

Watching videos took up on one per cent of the typical smartphone user’s time. The report read: ‘Given that nearly 98 per cent of smartphone users don’t watch videos on their phone during a typical day, it’s easier to understand why video comprises such a low share of the average adult’s daily smartphone use.’

Although the statistics relate to American consumers, it may give a small insight into how smartphone users as a whole behave when around their mobile devices.





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