Mobile marketing summit to be held in NYC

Registration is now open for the annual Mcommerce Summit to be held in New York on May 2nd.

The mobile marketing summit will focus on the state of mobile commerce; featuring speakers from the likes of Bank of America, Lancome and Walmart.

Organised by, the summit is to be held at the prestigious Time & Life Building in Midtown Manhattan. The conference will be limited to 200 delegates who will be able to meet with key executives.

According to, the event will be a ‘must-attend for retailers, brands marketers, ad agencies, publishers and market researchers’ and could be attended by industry experts from around the world.

As mobile becomes set to outstrip the sale of desktop devices and laptops, marketers are increasingly looking for ways to leverage the technology. Due to the high open rate of text messages, their place in the mobile marketing sphere will undoubtedly be discussed at the event.

“Mobile commerce’s time has come,” said Mickey Alam Khan, editor in chief of Mobile Marketer, New York. “Retailers, financial institutions and merchants have realised that to not have a multichannel mobile presence in a larger omnichannel experience is [sic] ignore the customer’s wishes,” he added.

The event will include a session called Design Within Reach, which will include mobile design tips for small and mid-size businesses.

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