Smart watches could change the face of mobile marketing

The creation of smart watches could change the face of mobile marketing, or even replace the world’s most popular smartphones.

That’s according to comments from, which spoke out after hearing that Apple, Google, LG and Samsung are preparing to manufacture smart watches.

The website believes this could leave all forms of mobile marketing – like MMS and SMS messaging – with a new home: people’s wrists. ‘Smart watches could open up an entirely new market for mobile marketing and even mobile payments,’ it proclaimed.

‘As more details emerge, we’ll have a better idea of how smart watches could lend a big hand to these and other emerging industries under the rubric of mobile,’ it concluded. As called ‘wearable computing’ the ‘next big thing’, Mobile Marketing Watch’s predictions may be close to reality.

Some say the discreet nature of a smart watch could encourage adoption, like, which also suggested giving users more room for voice activation could prove to be a draw.

Users would be able to subtly dictate instructions or messages via their smart watch, without having to hold their phones in front of their faces. This could be a big benefit, it suggested. Whether or not smart watches do catch on (or indeed replace the likes of the iPhone) remains to be seen.

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