SMS still king of mobile marketing, claims writer

Despite worldwide sales of smartphone and tablets doubling each year, SMS still leads the way when it comes to mobile marketing towards consumers.

That’s the claim from online marketing veteran Jasmine Sandler, who – after 15 years’ experience in the field – says text marketing still remains a top priority for businesses.

Ms Sandler explained that SMS advertising can run alongside branded events thanks to its instant deployment and provides a “short-code way” for brands to drive user interaction.

It was also highlighted that despite smartphone sales dominating the headlines, functional phones made by the likes of Nokia models are still the most frequently used on a global scale. This means SMS marketers can benefit from the biggest audience that mobile advertising can offer.

In her most recent post at, Ms Sandler urged all consumer-brand companies to harness the power of SMS for use in their annual calenders of events and promotions.

“Targeted SMS campaigns can quickly get the campaign message into the hands of a target audience for immediate actions. SMS campaigns coupled with a drive to social enable the campaign to go viral,” she highlighted.

Some brands may wish to take their SMS campaigns one step further by integrating their text marketing with other mediums, like social advertising.

If used correctly, Ms Sandler said the use of QR codes would be an ideal way to drive social conversation from the targeted user. Other worthwhile options for mobile marketers to pursue could include mobile applications – through in-app advertising – and social media, reports

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