Mobile marketing held back by ‘lack of understanding’

Agencies and brand-side marketers believe their ‘lack of understanding’ on mobile is holding back the increase of mobile advertising budgets.

That’s according to an Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) study, reported by, which also highlighted the ‘widespread deficiencies’ in understanding of specialist areas of mobile marketing, including privacy issues.

This is not the first time that agencies have cited a lack of understanding preventing them from spending on mobile marketing – it is, in fact, the second year running as the biggest obstacle, claims the study.

According to 31 per cent of those surveyed, tracking and measuring the effectiveness of mobile advertising is also an issue when it comes to investment while 49 per cent admitted to not knowing enough about ‘real-time advertising’.

However, more senior employees appear to be driving home the importance of mobile as 38 per cent of CEOs and managing directors are pushing for mobile to have a more prominent role in the marketing mix.

Jem Lloyd-Williams, managing partner at Mediacom, spoke to regarding the figures: “…Ignore mobile at your peril is the mantra here and if 62 per cent of senior management haven’t grasped its importance that is alarming.

“It’s a very potent channel and it is important the people at the top understand that,” she added.

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