Preconceived notions of mobile marketing should be dropped

Mobile marketing expert Yusef Begg has explained that the preconceived notions of mobile marketing – namely that it is spammy and inconvenient – should be dropped.

He believes mobile marketing is an inexpensive, effective way to promote audience engagement and support lead generation. Writing for, he explained more: “The number of mobile users are rapidly overtaking that of the standard computer users because of cell phone availability.

“Mobile media is an effective vessel for advertising companies and brands, selling products and services and particularly the generation of leads within many industries,” Begg added. He did admit that many immediately associate unsolicited, intrusive messaging with mobile or SMS marketing – but stipulated that this is a myth.

“Without prior permission you cannot engage with the consumer,” Begg confirmed, although there are admittedly some companies who flout this.

His thoughts were shared by writer Ciaran Bradley, writing for He said that although those who do take advantage of the channel by spamming can give the industry a bad name, above it all, the channel is actually well-trusted by the British nation.

He urged Britons that do receive unsolicited messages to report them straight away to their operator, as it’s only the minority of those using SMS as a messaging channel that are behaving in this way.

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