Too many texts put off customers

Sending too many text messages could be detrimental to businesses, according to new research by dating website

A survey found that not only do people find it irritating to get replies from potential love interests too quickly, they also dislike receiving too many messages.

Thirty-three per cent of men and a staggering 44 per cent of women said they don’t like receiving lots of text messages – which could come as interesting news to companies who use SMS messaging as a form of contacting their customers.

Text marketing has been in use for some time to boost customer engagement with businesses, but this new study shows that too much could have a negative effect.

However, according to mobile marketing is a useful tool to expand a business. With over five billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, there are very few other consumer media sources that have that much potential exposure.

The benefit of text marketing is that it is almost instantaneous. Figures show that nearly 98 per cent of all text messages are read and 90 per cent of those within the first three minutes of being received.

Companies hoping to send a text to their customers shouldn’t feel put off by this new research, but be aware of the amount of messages they are sending could help to ensure they gain maximum engagement.

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