Marketing staff have been urged to seek alternative ideas

Marketing staff have been urged to seek alternative ideas from those in other departments.

Simon Hill, who is co-founder of business management software firm Wazoku, has claimed that having an alternative pair of eyes look over a marketing strategy can be highly beneficial.

In a blog for, he explained that this advice could prove particularly beneficial to small businesses who tend to have smaller marketing departments.

He said: “Marketing is of course a specialist discipline that works best when a business has trained marketers to devise strategies and implement the tactics to support those – but a marketing idea, a spark of inspiration can come from anywhere in a business and the generation of those ideas can be a real source of support for beleaguered marketing staff.”

There’s arguably no better time than the New Year to adopt a fresh approach to a marketing campaign. After all, it’s traditionally seen as a time of reflection and improvement. Those in charge of SMS marketing campaigns might benefit from sourcing ideas from other departments, or perhaps by outsourcing this side of their marketing strategy altogether.

However, Jason Keith, a marketing blogger for, has warned businesses to ensure that they continue to measure key metrics after any changes are made.

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