Jason Palgrave-Jones on his mission to convert the masses to mobile

Jumped on the train at 7am for my trip down to London to present at the Figaro Digital Conference. The fact it was being held at the Royal College of Physicians was a clear sign that I needed to be on top of my game to speak to a lecture hall full of senior directors, managers, heads and CMOs from across the digital spectrum.

I was tasked with the job of telling these people about the brilliant world of Textlocal, our capabilities and our award winning platform Messenger.  Easy to do when we have a large portfolio of case studies bringing to life everything we do and showing how many businesses are profiting from our products and services. The tough part was fitting all of this into 21 PowerPoint slides, with only 21 seconds to talk about each! The fastest and most focused presentation format around.

I spoke about our suite of products, from MMS to mobile web to SMS to email, and about the great work we’ve done with clients like Greenpeace, Liverpool University and Card One Banking.

All in all it was very well received and I had a good day network with some of the great brands and agencies there. Many were impressed with some of the statistics surrounding mobile messaging, like Ofcom stating that 97.5% of all messages are read within 5 seconds. I struck up conversations, and want to follow up with some people to send them some of our Inside Mobile thought leadership documents to dispel any doubts and encourage them try it. Slowly but surely we at Textlocal will convince more businesses that mobile messaging is the way forward for low cost, fast and direct communications.

Jason Palgrave-Jones, Business Development & Client Services Director.

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