Autonet Insurance leading the way in MMS innovation

Autonet Insurance, the UK’s leading van insurance broker and the current Insurance Times – Personal Lines Broker of the Year announces the success in a new innovation, seamlessly implementing Multimedia Messaging with their proof of NCB’s procedure.

Following a review of operational efficiencies with the intent to improving customer satisfaction, Autonet Insurance has developed a new process in which customers can send their proof of No Claims Bonus (NCB) via picture messaging and emails. It is reported that the service was quick and easy to set up with the assistance of Textlocal; one of the UK’s leading Mobile Marketing & Communications Companies.

Autonet say by thinking outside the box as far as insurance procedures go has saved their customers both in time and expense of sending their proof of NCB via traditional methods. Autonet Insurance confidently state that, to their knowledge they are the only insurance broker who has undertaken this initiative, subsequently providing this service to all their customers.

Chris McDonald, Head of Telecommunications for Autonet Insurance commented: “Streamlining this business process has had a dramatic impact on the firm projecting an annual cost saving of over £31,000 since it’s launch. Overall the development and implementation of the new service is another prime example of Autonet Insurance going one step further to satisfy its customers.”

As Autonet near the end of 2011 they vow to continue to invest in their service with the intention to drive their ambitious growth plans into 2012. Over the upcoming months, Autonet will continue forward in their relentless campaign in exceeding customer excellence, ultimately leading to Autonet being the insurance broker for many.

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