Greenpeace go mobile with Textlocal

Greenpeace have joined forces with Chester based mobile marketing communications leader Textlocal to raise awareness of their new ‘Brian the Stormtrooper’ video, aimed at getting Volkswagen to stop opposing European legislation that will help to stop climate change. Greenpeace has included a link to the video as part of the SMS message allowing people to click straight through and watch on their mobile phones.

The international environmental organisation chose to embark on a mobile messaging campaign in the UK in order to reach out to new audiences, get more people involved in their campaigns, and to help spread the word to supporters about breaking news as its happening.

Darren Daws, Managing Director at Textlocal said “We are delighted to be working with Greenpeace. Our service is quick, cost-effective and more importantly,sending a text message is dramatically less harmful to the environment than many other forms of communication. Our service also means that any business can incorporate links to videos and websites and distribute them for the cost of a simple text message. We are extremely proud to be associated with an organisation that champions sustaining the world we live in.”

Molly Brooks of Greenpeace added “Mobile definitely helps in some of our areas of work, for example breaking the news to our supporters quickly when we’re taking direct action, or giving them an easy way to take part in a campaign. Using a paperless, instant form of communication which has less impact on the environment is very important for us, so mobile was a positive choice.”

Textlocal’s pay as you go model is a cost-effective option, giving Greenpeace the flexibility to run as many or as few campaigns as they need. The easy to use system, plethora of features and dedicated account management allow easily for the incorporation of ideas and transforming them into new efficient mobile campaigns.

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