July 2011 Mobile Marketing Newsletter from Textlocal

It’s been a busy few months at Textlocal with the introduction of brand new products and services. We are increasingly proud of our service and want to share it with you, so here is our Newsletter!

Textlocal Raise a Huge £1,020 for Marie Curie

Textlocal have built a worthwhile relationship by developing business SMS for Marie Curie Cancer Care over the last 6 months by providing mobile marketing strategies, messaging services and industry expertise to support their fundraising efforts.

We have continued to show this support by working hard to raise a massive £1,020 through an MMS inspired fundraiser for their Blooming Great Tea Party which was held on 17th June. We asked our customers to send a picture of themselves or a friend enjoying a cup of tea to our Short Code 88600 with the Keyword TEA. For every message sent, Textlocal proudly donated £20 to Marie Curie Cancer Care. We also enjoyed an afternoon tea party in our offices with local business and drumming up support and awareness of The Blooming Great Tea Party!

The Awards Keep Rolling in For Textlocal

The first half of 2011 has seen a flurry of awards, which really shows how far we have come.

In March we proudly picked up the Internet Business Award for Best Telecommunications Website in recognitions of our easy to use Control Panel, including our email gateway and API interface.

Just three months later, we won the category for The Best Messaging Platform on the Market at the Mobile Messaging Awards. This was awarded to us for providing an expertly designed product that has been proven to enhance the existing messaging network today.

In May, we eagerly awaited news on Textlocal’s position in the award for the Top 50 Fastest Growing Digital Agency in Europe. The awards, organised by GP Bullhound focused on innovation and growth – Textlocal managed an impressive top 20 position at the awards ceremony in Barcelona.

International SMS

Textlocal have made it even cheaper for you to communicate via text message with recipients abroad by reducing the price for 162 countries. The new pricing is now down to 1 decimal place instead of 0.5. As such a text to some countries is now less than one standard credit! A text message to a UK phone will still use just one SMS credit. Go to our International Pricing Page to see a full list.

Mobile Web Makes a Splash

Since we launched our brand new Mobile Web tool in March, thousands of pages have been created using the simple built in feature that is available on your Control Panel. Sending a link to a Mobile Web Page via a text message including, images, colour, data capture forms means that your text message can communicate more than a 160 character message, for the same price!

Chester based business Card One Banking recently celebrated an 11% increase in applications after sending 17,318 text messages containing a Mobile Web Page to prospective customers – and best of all, this cost them just the 17,318 SMS credits!

Exciting New Features

We are very proud of our award winning Control Panel and continually strive to make it even more adaptable to your SMS needs. These are the latest features to be added.

We have seen a wave of new and existing customers utilising our new MMS feature, sending masses of picture messages to customers, clients and staff as easily as an SMS message. If you haven’t already indulged in the visual wonderment of MMS, take a look on your control panel! What’s more, we have also reduced the pricing for MMS credits. Take a look at our pricing page to see more!

FREE Autoreply for Email to SMS (you can even include attachments)!
The latest addition to your Textlocal Control Panel is the ability to send autoreply emails to SMS messages you receive. This feature can be added to any live inbox on your account. The sender just needs to send their email address after the Keyword within the SMS message they send.

This is a great way to send further info to opt-in customers that you cannot fit in a 160 character text message and perfect for those without an internet enabled mobile phone. You can also add attachments up to 5Mb, including PDF, Excel and images. Like a text message, you can also create instant awareness by creating your own sender name. And best of all, this is completely FREE!

Contact Manager Changes
To make your data merging even easier, you can now rename your customer fields in your contact manager. Just click the settings tab of the individual group, rename the field and hit save.

FREE Short Code Keyword
As of the 13th July you will notice a new FREE inbox on your Textlocal account which is a randomly allocated five digit alpha-numeric Short Code Keyword on 60777.

This can be used to collect opt in data and also as an opt-out path. It has the same functionality as any other Short Code Keyword so you can create automatic responses, use forwarding to email and sub-keywords.

Anyone who sends your five digit code followed by the word STOP to 60777 will be automatically opted out from future campaigns. These numbers are accessible from your opt-out list so you can keep track of this. This opt-out path can be used on all your SMS campaigns. Personalised Short Code Keywords remain at the usual price and can be ordered via your online account.

Share Your Experience

As a valued customer, we would be delighted if you could take a look at our reviews at http://bit.ly/nc3Umn and add your own experience of Textlocal. Great service? Love the Control Panel? Had fantastic results? We would be frateful for you to share these experiences with others. Please feel free to add your comments. Thank you.

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